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Whether to treat celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, or merely to avoid processed foods, more and more Americans are going gluten-free each year. Once upon a time, eliminating gluten from your diet meant severe restrictions on what you could eat, with things like pizza, pasta, beer and sweets all but off the table.

Today, thanks to a growing understanding of what it means to be gluten-free and a new wave of gluten-free restaurants and products, these restrictions are a thing of the past.

10Best wants to find the best gluten-free bakeries, pizzerias, cider bars, beers and cookbooks, and to do so, we need you. Vote for your favorites in each category once per day until voting ends on Monday, July 9 at noon ET. The winners will be announced on on Friday, July 20.

Best Gluten-Free Bakery

A new wave of dedicated gluten-free bakeries safely satisfy a sweet tooth — Photo courtesy of iStock / JohnnyGreig

It used to be that eating gluten-free meant forgoing breads, cupcakes, cookies and other decadent desserts. Not so anymore! Thanks to a wave of inventive gluten-free bakeries cooking up flourless desserts and baked goods just as indulgent as their traditional counterparts, gluten-free eaters have plenty of ways to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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Best Gluten-Free Pizzeria

Many pizzerias now offer gluten-free crusts — Photo courtesy of iStock / AlenaPaulus

Gone are the days when going gluten-free meant a bleak future of tasteless meals. No matter the reason for forgoing wheat, diners can still tuck into one of America’s most popular comfort foods – pizza – at these 20 pizzerias offering gluten-free pies. Which one is your favorite?

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Best Cider Bar

Hard cider is naturally gluten-free — Photo courtesy of iStock / Kanawa_Studio

Move over craft beer; there’s a new beverage in town. Hard cider, a gluten-free drink made with fermented apples is enjoying its own artisanal renaissance, with cideries and cider bars popping up across the United States. So where’s the best place to sip artisanal ciders? 

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Best Gluten-Free Beer

Gluten-free beers are brewed with alternative grains like sorghum, rice and millet — Photo courtesy of iStock / izusek

Wheat in the form of malted barley has long been one of four key ingredients in beer (along with water, hops and yeast), but more and more breweries are catering to gluten-free drinkers with tasty brews made from alternative ingredients like sorghum, rice, millet, lentils and nuts. 

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Best Gluten-Free Cookbook

Which gluten-free cookbook is a staple in your kitchen? — Photo courtesy of iStock / Yuri_Arcurs

Whether you suffer from celiac or gluten intolerance or simply want to cut back on wheat, living gluten-free doesn’t mean living flavor-free. These 20 cookbooks, nominated by a panel of gluten-free experts as the best on the bookshelf, bring global flavors into the kitchen with everything from breads and appetizers to desserts and sweet treats.

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