Trump-Kim summit: An 80-year-old Supreme Court table used for historic meeting


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Designed in 1939, this is the Singapore-made table loaned by National Gallery Singapore to the US Embassy for the June 12 Trump-Kim summit.

National Gallery of Singapore.

The only Singaporean presence at the first-ever discussions between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa on Tuesday, was a historic table previously used by the Supreme Court of Singapore.

The table was part of a suite of bespoke furniture designed in 1939 by local craftsmen for the Supreme Court, and was once used by Singapore’s Chief Justices.

Both men and their delegations sat at the historic table during the momentous meeting, which The Straits Times documented in a video of the discussions between the two leaders.


The table is on loan to the US Embassy for the summit on Sentosa, and is usually on display on the Chief Justice’s chamber on the third floor of the Singapore National Gallery.

The table is nearly eight decades old, and has witnessed milestones in local history such as the appointment of Singapore’s first Asian Chief Justice Wee Chong Jin in 1963.

The Chief Justice, the highest post in Singapore’s judicial system, would use the table in the daily administration of the court from when the court opened in 1939, until it was vacated in 2005 for a new Supreme Court building behind it.

It is a 14-foot long table-top and is made up of a single piece of teak wood imported from the region, which rests on two bases as support, with ventilation slits on the sides of the bases.

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