Ferrari 488 Spider: Review, pictures


In my review of the 488 GTB, I wrote:

“Many, many Ferrari fans were worried that a turbo V8 would mean two things: the end of that amazing, wild, screaming engine note, and the dreaded turbo-lag. I’m here to tell you that the turbo doesn’t lag, though, Ferrari acknowledges that it is routed to the rear wheels a nanosecond or something slower than in the 458. And the engine sounds less maniacal than the 458’s, but you can now hear the sweet high-pitched whistle of the turbos, which never gets old. The Ferrari orchestra has added a new instrument.”

I added: “Brilliant in a straight line, brilliant in the curves, just brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Fast and tight, the 488 fills you with confidence and makes you a better person.”

That pretty well sums up what I also thought of the Spider.


I didn’t go nuts with the GTB, although I did at times drive it aggressively. With the Spider, I dialed it back and used the car as more of a leisurely cruising machine. OK, it can become a cruise missile with a touch of the throttle, but with the top down I wanted to smooth matters out an savor the 488s well-mannered side, keeping a lid of a wildness.

The 488 Spider is a dream and the version I would without hesitation purchase if I were looking to unload an extra $400,000. All it takes is a Ferrari after you haven’t piloted a Ferrari for a while to make you fall in love with Ferrari all over again. The Masters of Maranello truly know what they’re doing.

Our Spider did come with racing seats that are less plush than softer versions, so I was concerned that after four hours of motoring, I’d be worn out. But I wasn’t. That said, I’m not sure I would want to ride in these saddles for more than four hours.

You may have guessed that I found nothing to complain about. The car that I thought was glorious with a fixed roof if even better with one that can be folded down.