A new “DOOM” game is in the works: “DOOM Eternal”


For over 25 years, the “DOOM” series has been giving players a chance to rip through every single demon Hell has to offer.

“DOOM” is back once more, and now those demons are all over Earth in “DOOM Eternal” — the sequel to 2016’s excellent refresh of the franchise.

A brief teaser shows a destroyed city, rife with the distinct demons of “DOOM,” before the rage-filled supersoldier from the last game appears. He loads a shotgun, cocks it, and takes aim.

And that’s all we’ve got thus far — but if the last game and the series’ history have anything to tell us, “DOOM Eternal” could be a new take on the original “DOOM 2: Hell on Earth,” which launched in 1994. The title tells you a lot right off the bat given what’s depicted in the trailer. That said, given how 2016’s “DOOM” offered a fresh take on the original game, “DOOM Eternal” is likely to take the same route.


There’s no release date, nor are there announced platforms for “DOOM Eternal” just yet.

Take a look at the brief teaser right here: